1 year ago

S2E1 - Pilot: What is Fascism Part One

Experts agree: Donald Trump is not a fascist.

In 2015, Vox spoke to five world-renowned fascism experts on the subject of "Is Donald Trump a Fascist?" They all said no. To start our look at the right wing in America today, Logan and Myles spoke to as many as would respond to our emails (More than half of them!) to see if anything had changed in the last five years.

Short answer? No. Nothing had changed. But world-renowned Fascism experts Stanley Payne, Roger Griffin, Matthew Feldman, and David Renton offered a crash course in fascism studies.

Part one covers the basics and "interwar" fascism, fascism from the 1910s to the end of WWII. Part two (coming soon) covers neofascism, from the French New Right to Bronze Age Pervert, and dives into what fascism studies can teach us about current moment in American politics.

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