10 months ago

S2E4 - The Freedom Club

In this episode...

Sam takes the week off... Logan and Myles riff on the aspirational nature of pretending we have a weekly show... More news sourced from This Week in Fascism, who were banned from Patreon under questionable circumstances (you can donate at https://en.liberapay.com/thisweekinfascism/.)

Our main story is a look at a network of right-wing media based in Minnesota and built around the conservative Freedom Club. From misrepresenting what citations say, to publishing a regular column by a neo-fascist, the network exploits their respectability to promote misinformation and extremist messaging.

Bumper music is Through the Looking Glass by Westy Reflector, and Sisyphus by The Toothaches, both are lisenced under a non-commercial, attribution, share alike Creative Commons license and available at freemusicarchive.org.

The theme song is written by Dan Carroll and performed by Dan Carroll and Wes Mitchell.

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