8 months ago

S2E6 - Unbalanced

Activists v. Journalists


News this week is a couple weeks old (dang lead times are killing us, I know.) But: the far-right reacts to the Chauvin verdict, the far-right praises Tucker Carlson, and Friend of the Show Roger Chamberlain flashes a far-right symbol on the floor of the MN Senate.

Our main segment is a bonfire conversation. Naasir Qaz and Tracy Gunapalan join Logan, Myles, and guest host Hannah Jones to talk about the shared and conflicting interests between journalists and activists. (And we're lumping in organizers with activists, sorry to everyone that offends. Jen, I'm looking at you.)

Together, Naasir and Tracy are the Neighborhood Reporter, and have been covering Twin Cities protests and politics for the last year. They share their recent experiences on the ground in Brooklyn Center, MN. While covering the protests of the killing of Daunte Wright, they were detained several times and had equipment broken by law enforcement. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

Hannah is a local journo, formerly of the late great City Pages. They are currently nearing the completion of their pandemic project: an online graphic novel called Monstrous. Follow them on Instagram.

Bumper music this week is From the Void and #jetblackchallenge, both by THNKWYZE, also known as Marcus Joe. THNKWYZE is a Native American hip hop artist from Seattle, WA. Follow him on Soundcloud.

Our theme song was written and performed by Dan Carroll, with Wesley Mitchell on drums.

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